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till 18th September

This is your chance to buy a top dog at the best price – choose your team and hodl!

32 tokens

represent 32 Champions League teams

Off‑price  10%

emission will remain unchanged until the start of Champions League group stage

10%  emission

10000 out of 100000 on sale

The Game

Till the Champions League final

Trade your teams with other members on DEX and make a profit. Buy the dip, sell the ath!

The losing teams are eliminated

The market determines the tokens' prices

Daily emission up to the end of the final match


After the Champions League final

Hail to the Champions!
Get you prize and that is it!

96% of all the funds will be distributed between the winning team token fee

If you have any questions, take a look FAQ

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Group stage One-eighth Quarterfinal Semifinal Final
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Waves is an open-source blockchain platform, developed, marketed, and operated by Waves Platform AG, that allows users to launch their own custom cryptocurrency tokens. Whilst other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be traded on external exchanges, and Ethereum allows users to create new tokens on the platform using a smart contract, Waves includes this functionality in its core software and wallet. Users can create, transfer and exchange blockchain tokens on a peer-to-peer basis, paying transaction fees in the native WAVES token.

The platform has a fixed supply of 100 million WAVES and uses a network consensus algorithm based on Bitcoin-NG, updated for proof-of-stake networks, called Waves-NG. Waves uses trusted gateways to issue blockchain tokens backed by fiat money and digital currencies for use on its own platform.

The decentralised exchange (DEX) is integrated within the wallet. This allows users to trade tokens on a peer-to-peer basis. The DEX uses centralised ‘Matcher’ nodes, which pair orders and execute trades in near-realtime, whilst ultimate settlement is carried out on the blockchain for security.

The token creation tab enables users to launch their own token using a short form. Token names are not unique to avoid name squatting, though token ID numbers are unique. Tokens can have a short description which cannot be changed after token creation. Token supply is customisable, and tokens can have up to 8 decimal places. It is possible to issue further tokens, unless a token is made non-reissuable.

We are representing Waves Community and we believe that Waves blockchain and ecosystem allows us to make this game easy and fast without any technical issues. All we need to do is to issue tokens in Waves client and create sell orders on DEX.

UEFA Tokenization is the project of Waves Community. This is the spin-off of Worldcuptokens with the same rules. 32 tokens represent 32 Champions League teams. You can buy this tokens on the Waves DEX and trade them whenever you want.

We collect Waves tokens when selling team tokens on DEX - these funds will form the prize pool, 96% of the pool will be distributed between the winning team token holders, 4% fee. Prize pool doesn’t increase If you buy tokens from the other players on the DEX.

Sell orders will be placed on Waves DEX in Waves.

You can check the size of the prize pool on the It’s updating in real time. Also you can check the wallet where all the funds are accumulated and see all the transactions.

Potential price of token is the price that each token will have if their team will win the championat. The formula looks like this: the prize pool divided on the number of sold tokens. For example, 15 000 Barcelona tokens were sold and the prize pool at this moment is 3 000 Waves. This means that in case of Barcelona winning each their token will cost 0.2 Waves.

Current X is how much profit you could get if you buy this token at the current price.

Potential price and current X depends on the amount of sold tokens for every team and the size of the prize pool. As it changes potential price and current X change too.

Starting from September 1 and till the end of the UEFA Tokenization all the issued tokens will be selling at market prices in Waves to accumulate a bigger prize pool. Depending on the demand, all issued tokens are going to be sold evenly and gradually during the UEFA Tokenization ( to avoid pumping/dumping).

96% of the prize pool will be evenly distributed among the winner token holders. For example: we will sell 100 000 Barcelona FC tokens and the prize pool will be 300 000 Waves, therefore, the price of the Barcelona FC token equals 3 Waves. This means that every Barcelona FC token holder will receive 3 Waves for 1 token.

On the site you can check the amount of tokens sold, their current price on the Dex in real time and their potential price in case of winning. So please check the potential price on the site before buying tokens on the market.

Prize pool will be distribute right after the final game automatically via massive airdrop.

  • Create or restore your account in Waves Client.
  • Deposit Waves in your wallet. If you don’t have Waves you can buy it on the other exchanges or easily convert your BTC/ETH/LTC/ZCach/BitcoinCash/Dash/Monero into Waves on DEX.
  • Choose your team token on and click Buy on DEX.
  • Attentively check sell orders and prices of your token and create buy order.

You can sell your tokens on Waves DEX by creating sell order.

You can buy Waves on one of the several markets. Check the market list here

Check out video guide


We want to introduce to you our idea of tokenizing any big sport event with Waves Platform.

The idea is to combine suspense we get while watching some big sport event with crypto trading logic - like when we are trying to choose which altcoin to buy. Also, we want to make it simple and clear for everyone in order to minimize our engagement in the whole process.

But who knows how much will Plzen, Young Boys or CSKA Moscow tokens cost after the teams scores their first goal in the first matches? Will their tokens go to the moon, then?

That’s why we’ve decided not to control the prices of team tokens after September 18 and to sell the rest 90% of the issued tokens at market prices.

Your goal is to choose the Champions League champion and to hodl till the end. Or if you will change your mind eventually and decide to pick another one – just buy/sell it on Waves Dex whenever you want. Just like that. Or you can always buy the winning team token during the final match, but the price will probably be sky high.